Saturday, September 25th 2021
Arcade Fire Hall – 145 North Street, Arcade, NY
Doors Open at 5 pm | Dinner at 6 pm | Raffle at 7 pm

$20 ticket includes: admission, pulled pork dinner, 2 drink tickets and 1 raffle ticket for a Buffalo Bills Fire pit from Maple Grove Enterprises.



Meat Raffle Features 20 rounds with 4-5 prizes in each

For tickets call 585.492.2114

What is a Meat Raffle?
A meat raffle is a fundraiser where you raffle off all types of fresh meat. Ranging from chicken wings, pork chops and steaks to jerky and crab legs.

How does it work?
This event costs $20 which includes your admission, Pulled Pork Dinner, 2 drink tickets and 1 raffle ticket.

This meat raffle is divided into 20 “rounds”. At the beginning of each round, the emcee will announce the items up for raffle and how many “draws” will be done. At our raffle there will be between 4-5 draws per round. The more draws per round the better your chances are of winning a piece of meat with the same ticket.

Ticket sellers walk around the room at the beginning of each round selling tickets. Our rounds will cost between $2-5/ticket. This means that if the number generator lands on your ticket number you win the meat for that draw.

Local Businesses & Individuals can choose to sponsor a round of the Meat Raffle. The cost to sponsor a round is $100 and includes 2 complimentary tickets to the raffle.

Meat Raffle Round Sponsors 2021:

1.Adawn Express
2.Arcade Herald
3.Arcade-Knight Agency
4.Bliss Machine, Inc
5.Community Bank
6.CSI Tax Service
7.Crabb Energy Products
8.Creekside Fabrics & Quilts
9.Diamond Saw
10.GenTech Scientific, LLC
11.Haley Concrete
12.Hopkins Building Contractors
13.John & Mary’s
14.KOIKE Aronson
15.Logel Appliances
16.Maple Grove Enterprises
17.McDonald’s Arcade
18.Pioneer Credit & Recovery NAVIENT
19.Pioneer Ford
20.RA Mercer
21.Schwab Aggregates
22.The Hole Works
23.TOMPKINS Bank of Castile
24.Waste Management
25.WhiteTail Company
26.Zientek Appraisals, LLC
27.Zimmer Auto Parts & Footwear
28.Kettle Corn Kreations